Vote: Which license plate?

So my vehicle is up for registration renewal and I’ve decided to give the Commonwealth some extra cash by purchasing a GovTwit vanity plate. Unfortunately, the ideal choice “GovTwit” on the .com/Internet capital plate, is unavailable. Most vanity plates allow just six letters vs seven. Can’t make up my mind, so thought I’d put it to a vote.

While there are multiple options (GOVTWT w/various backgrounds or GOVTWIT plain, w/mountains or leaf motif), the two below are the most likely choices. What do you think?

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  • Justin M

    You gotta go w/ the top one because if someone sees the misspelled website one, they could have a hard time finding out where you’re trying to send them.

    • Steve Lunceford

      Thanks Justin. I should mention that I grabbed to redirect to What I’m mulling is whether I just want to be a GovTwit, or have the “.com” on the plate to implyt it’s referring to a website.

  • Liz

    A potential conflict I see is GOVTWIT could be read as “Government Wit”, “Government WIT”, “Government with IT” or something other than GovTwit. I am more prone to read GOVT as Government than I am to identify TWIT from that one.

    Does this make sense?

    After thinking about it, it might be a problem with either… but WT opens up fewer cases of mistaken identity in my mind.

  • Connie Clem

    I have to go with visual simplicity on this one. Like the ideas in the other design, but it’s got too much clutter factor. Plus, the .com will be too hard to distinguish except when you’re parked.

    (On the other hand, do you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic?)

  • Ari Herzog

    Only in Virginia do people stress about vanity license plates. Up here in Massachusetts, there’d never be a blog post about this.

    I do like that idea of a dot-com license plate. Do many people use them?

  • Steve Lunceford

    @Ari – just a fun summer post. It’s evidently not *only* in Virginia, but yes the Commonwealth has the largest penetration of vanity plates for U.S. states according to Wikipedia ( We do not, however, allow plates like the Mass. motorcycle plate reading “POOPS” that’s highlighted in the same Wikipedia article 😉

    I actually do not see a lot of the “Internet Capital” plates around anymore…

  • Steve Lunceford

    Thanks all! I went with the plain white background and “GOVTWIT” in full…

  • Ronan Keane

    Go with the top version. The .com is implied in the name and you want the correct Twitter handle. Nice idea!