The gov 2.0 time machine: back to the big bang

In March 2009, GovTwit was creeping up on its six month anniversary, the Obama administration was still in its first 100 days of office, and there was excitement growing for one of the first big “government 2.0” conferences: the Government 2.0 Camp

Organized by Maxine Teller (MiXT Media Strategies), Peter Corbett (iStrategyLabs), Mark Drapeau (now with Microsoft), and Jeffrey Levy (Director of Web Communications, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), the Gov 2.0 Camp brought together practitioners and enthusiasts from both government and the private sector for what some have deemed “the big bang” that helped launch new thinking about how technology, people and government could come together to help solve big, hairy problems.

In doing an unrelated Internet search today, I stumbled across an archive of 5,533 tweets that were sent immediately before, during and after Gov 2.0 Camp. Compiled by Dave Witzel (a founder of Forum One Communications now with the Environmental Defense Fund) with help from Sunlight Foundation programmer David James.

While the text file isn’t the easiest read given its formatting, it’s nonetheless compelling to go back in time and look at the types of issues and challenges that were being discussed by such a diverse community. It’s also interesting to see that while we have come so far over the past three years in some respects, in some areas we are still facing the same struggles we did nearly three years ago.

Anyway, hit the pic below to take a trip in the wayback machine…

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