State Department adding new in-language Twitter feeds

I attended Secretary Clinton’s speech about Internet freedom yesterday at George Washington University (see State Department report and Alex Howard’s write-up at for good overview and links) and as her remarks came to a close, she mentioned that in addition to tweeting in Arabic and Farsi, the State Department would soon be adding Chinese, Hindi and Russian Twitter feeds to its rapidly-growing list of tweetstreams.

It appears the Russian feed (@AmericaGovRU) was actually was created and began tweeting in December. The new Hindi feed @USAHindiMein was created today and has yet to tweet. I haven’t been able to locate a Chinese language ID as yet.

John Moore tweeted a link to the video below which is worth a watch as it provides a good overview on news reports regarding State launching these new feeds. You can find all the State Department Twitter IDs over at GovTwit and can follow them all with one click using the GovTwit Department of State Twitter list.

Additional Spanish, French and Russian feeds launched this week according to Alec Ross:

State Department (@) tweeting in Spanish @, French @, Hindi @, and Russian @ #gov20
Alec Ross

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  • Lovisa

    We have had Russian, French & Spanish Twitter feeds since the earthquake in Haiti. The ones referred to by Sec. Clinton are the ones our Public Affairs Bureau is developing. A number of our embassies and consulates already tweet in language where possible.

    • Steve Lunceford

      Thanks Lovisa! I had noticed that there were a number of in-language feeds (such as @AmericaGovRU and @RichardBuangan), but didn’t know the difference in which group “owned” the ID.