Sequestration & Social Media

Sequestration & Social Media

Well, sequestration is in our midst and there isn’t much that we can do about it. By now I’m sure you all have heard the many consequences sequestration will likely bring: Furloughs, longer lines at the airport, prison lockdowns  higher risks of terrorism, women and children taken off of WIC… canceled white house tours! Well, for the few who can’t find solace in the reuniting of Joey Boxcar Biden and his beloved Amtrak, I extend to you a question which will hopefully take your minds off of our foreboding future.

An earlier post on GovLoop already proposed the question as to whether there’s a silver lining to sequestration. Well, I’d like to ask a similar question:

“What impact will sequestration have on social media?”

I don’t mean to depreciate the severity of sequestration or look past the larger issues at play, I’d just like to see whether these cuts will have an influence on an agency’s social media presence.

Here is a list of the top ten agency twitter accounts with the most mentions over the past week:

I would encourage everyone to check out GovTwit’s Leaderboard and track these stats with me as the months progress. It should be interesting to see if any of these agencies experience significant changes in their number of mentions and whether or not those shifts bring auspicious results.

What do you predict happening?




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