NASA highlighted in video touting major Twitter redesign

Twitter has launched a major redesign today, which will roll out to users in the coming weeks on, mobile apps and in Tweetdeck. Four new tabs (Home, Connect, Discover and Me), are designed to “bring you instantly closer to everything you care about,” according to Twitter’s blog post about the update.

Mashable reports that “one major difference on the homepage is that tweets appear on the right side and take up less real estate than they used to.”

You can visit to learn more about the changes, and you can see some of them directly in the video below, where NASA astronaut Ron Garan (aka @Astro_Ron) is prominently featured.

Update: Brand pages are also getting a significant upgrade, Techcrunch reports.

The two big changes are a new banner just below the profile information that stretches across the page and the ability to pin a tweet at the top of each brand’s stream. This will give brands a more distinctive presence on Twitter, and should roll out more widely in the first quarter of 2012.

The pinned tweet is particularly effective for tweets with images or video. With the new design, videos and images can be seen inline within your stream (just click “Open” on the top right for tweets with images or videos). On brand pages, these video or photo tweets can be set to be open, adding another visually engaging element to the page.

You can also read about the changes on Twitter’s advertising blog. The first brands to have access to these new pages are all commercial organizations, there appear to be no federal, state or local government agencies seen in the mix, but hopefully that will soon change. The new brand pages certainly look as if they could offer significantly greater control over how an agency presents itself on Twitter.


This isn’t the first time Twitter has featured NASA in a video. The agency was also featured back in April, when social media manager Stephanie Schierholz spoke about how extensively NASA uses Twitter, including managing over 100 IDs.

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