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…like a new way to report and share information, figure out how to extend and protect it. You can’t just register a dotcom address anymore and be done with it, you need to grab space at other channels like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Case in point: The Washington Post, Newsweek and Slate recently launched WhoRunsGov.com. According to their site, “Who Runs Gov offers a unique look at the world of Washington through its key players and personalities. Our site will feature profiles of a select group of government officials, including members of the new presidential administration, legislators, senior Congressional aides and committee staff, and experts at think tanks and interest groups who influence how policy is made.”


As the creator of GovTwit.com (a directory of government agencies and individuals using Twitter and other social media), I found WhoRunsGov to be a pretty cool site, and an interesting model where they will soon move to a moderated wiki for input. I posted on Twitter about it, and MindTouch, the company providing the back-end, provided a pointer to additional information.

Yet none of these four entities took time to register WhoRunsGov as a Twitter ID. I perfectly understand if they don’t have plans to actively post on Twitter, but think this was a bit of an oversight on their part not to at least grab the ID and hold as a placeholder. What do you think?

P.S. Don’t bother looking: I’ve grabbed the WhoRunsGov Twitter ID and set up an autofeed from their blog postings. If someone from the site wants the ID, I’ll be happy to hand it over.

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