Help Build GovTwit: Use New “Recommend” Button

UPDATE: 2/01/10

The recommend button was taken out of the latest version of the software, and don’t know when/if it will return. If you have a recomendation for the directory, use the “contact” tab here on the blog.


The guys over at Floxee have added new functionality to make it easier for the Gov 2.0 community to add names to the GovTwit directory.

Look for the new “Recommend Someone” button on the homepage. You can now click this button, add a Twitter ID and related tags and hit “recommend.” The entry will then be reviewed and added to the list!

You can add new tags in addition to existing tags, and the tag fields will even offer auto-complete suggestions based on what you are typing (see example below).

Know of a name that should be in the directory? Recommend someone today!

Auto Complete

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  • USFWSNortheast

    I would like to recommend the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region twitter account, but cannot find the link to the recommend site anywhere on the homepage – am I looking in the wrong place?

    Anyways our Twitter account is USFWSNortheast.


    • dslunceford

      Server migration and somehow that button was lost. Hope to fix soon, but you’ve been added, thanks!