• http://ariwriter.com Ari Herzog

    I don’t understand. The NY Times was correct, then?

  • http://GovTwit.com Steve Lunceford

    @Ari, sorry if it wasn’t clear. The NY Times had them ranked #3 and #4; as mentioned in next to last paragraph and the list, they actually come in at the #4 and #5 spots. So the NY Times was incorrect.

  • http://GovTwit.com Steve Lunceford

    Just took an interesting call from the NY Times. While they researched the GovTwit/Twitter data and originally were going to run a correction (even sending me a draft), they ultimately decided against running.

    According the the researcher who contacted me today via phone, they debated the point and while conceding that @Astro_Mike is a federal employee who has higher follower numbers than @jaredcohen or @alecjross, they netted out that the *intent* of the story’s point was that they were 3rd/4th most followed in the political/appointee worlds.

    While I agree it’s a nit, I learned in J-school that “facts is facts” and if you get them wrong you simply correct and move on; strange for such a small thing that a “newspaper of record” such as The NY Times doesn’t want to simply update the story to reflect the facts versus relying on the reader’s ability to discern the author’s intent.

  • http://bethbeck.nasa.gov Beth

    I think @Astro_Mike should be on the list. But no, he’s not political. He has a higher appointment — space. 😉