Goodbye @DowningStreet, Hello @Number10Gov

It appears that a changing of the political guard in Britain has also brought a change to how the Prime Minister’s office wishes to brand itself online in various social media channels. Watching Twitter last night I caught a retweet from @Digiphile mentioning that all of the UK’s social media accounts for the Prime Minister’s office suddenly switched from “DowningStreet” to “Number10Gov.”

As you can see from the image below, the change covers Flickr, Twitter and YouTube IDs, and the reason given was to “ensure we have consistent branding across all social media platforms.” See more in this blog post.

My initial reaction was that it seemed a rather impulsive move, but based on a short bit of review, I actually think its probably overdue. It appears that while Flickr and Twitter shared the “DowningStreet” naming convention, YouTube was “10DowningStreet” and the PM’s web site was/remains “” If you consider the website to be the anchor online presence, it would make sense to organize all of the related online channels around a name that’s closer to that anchor brand. The Twitter ID for Number10Gov has been updated in GovTwit – the social media directory for government.

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