George Bush joins Twitter (Facebook too) UPDATE: or not


While there’s been an @GeorgeWBush for a while now in Twitter as a protected, unverified account, today it appears the former President’s official Twitter ID (or at least the ID for the George W. Bush Center) has been turned on with the ID @George_WBush. The Huffington Post reports that the foundation has joined Facebook as well:

His Facebook page includes information on his location (Dallas, TX), birth date (July 6, 1946), education (Harvard Business School and Yale), as well as links to the George W. Bush Presidential Center, the Bush-Cheney Alumni Association, the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, and a link to Amazon, where his forthcoming book, Decision Points, is available for pre-order. There’s also a link to the Washington Speakers Bureau, for those interested in scheduling an event with President Bush.

The former President’s new ID has garnered over 4,000 followers in the first hour since launching the new Twitter ID. His first tweet (made around 2:30 p.m. today)?

I’m now on Twitter & Facebook. Stay Tuned for updates!

Maybe someone should have shown him how he could insert a link to his new Facebook page into his tweet 😉 I’m also laying odds that @George_WBush get’s verified by Twitter before @USAirForce.

You can follow the former president’s center (and his wife @LauraWBush) on Twitter over at GovTwit, the social media directory for government.

UPDATE 1: There is some confusion on Twitter as to the legitimacy of the new ID. Former Bush White House staffer David Almacy tweeted the ID is a fake. ABC News’ The Note, however, tweeted that they’ve been told it’s a feed for the George W Bush Foundation (though it’s not clear who told them it’s legit). If I had to bet, I’m going with Almacy’s sources here….not a legit account.

UPDATE 2: Agency France-Presse correspondent Oliver Knox tweets that the former president’s office says @George_WBush is not the former president’s feed and “Dubya has “no plans to tweet.”

UPDATE 3: Thanks to former White House Internet Director David Almacy for helping to clarify:

  1. The @George_WBush ID is a fake (yet still up and running)
  2. @GeorgeWBush is legit (but dormant/not yet launched)
  3. @GWPresCenter is legit Twitter ID for the former president’s center (and now in GovTwit).
  4. The new Facebook page, is legit, but shouldn’t be confused with
  5. …the Facebook App page for the George W. Bush Center (

As I tweeted yesterday, a lot of the confusion around the “brandjacking” here could be elimated if would put Facebook & Twitter icons on its home page beyond the FB application.

UPDATE 4: Both the Christian Science Monitor and Vanity Fair have posted online items with more details on the establishment of the fake Twitter ID, including quotes from Bush spokesman David Sherzer. Strangly, the Wall Street Journal’s “Washington Wire” blog has yet to correct a story it posted Thursday morning.

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  • Ari Herzog

    At the risk of sounding like the voice of reason, I could tell it was a fake from your first paragraph for the simple explanation so-called celebrities do not use underscores in their Twitter names — with the exception of @The_Real_Shaq.

  • Steve Lunceford

    Well, that may not always hold true, Ari.
    For example, @USAirForce stared as @AFPAA because someone had brandjacked their handles (according to Paul Bove, who helps manage the accounts for Public Affairs). They then moved to @US_Air_Force before finally getting Twitter to release @USAirForce.