Another Twitter first: Pelosi tweet reconvenes the U.S. House of Representatives

We’ve had government employees tweeting from war zones, tweeting from State of the Union addresses, even tweeting from space, but here’s a first – using Twitter to call the U.S. House of Representatives back from summer recess for a special vote.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) broke the news through a Tweet yesterday that she would reconvene the House next week to vote on $26 billion in aid to states’ Medicaid and education programs.

Not to be outdone, points out that @GOPLeader John Boehner tweeted about the decision as well:

This “tweet that ruined vacation” (as D.C. largely decamps in August for summer break) is just another indicator on how various parts of government have embraced use of Twitter in their daily routine – and a reminder of how much power can be carried in just 140 characters.

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  • NiteStar

    It’s not the power of the tweet that is calling the US House of Reps back into session next week; rather, it’s the power of the person sitting in the position (and the tweet actually didn’t call the House back into session; it merely announced the intention of the leader of the House to call it back into session).

    That being said, however, it’s great that government leaders and other officials are utilizing the power of such social media outlets to keep informed and also interact with its citizenry.

    Now, had a citizen tweeted something that got RT’d so much that a government official was moved to act with amazing alacrity on the message carried within 140 characters, then that would be front-page news, indeed….

  • Steve Lunceford

    Thanks for the comment Peter, and of course you are technically correct on both counts: it’s the power granted to the Speaker that compels the House to return to session, and the tweet merely announced intent to use that power.

    But technicalities aside, it’s still pretty astounding that it was via this relatively new channel/technology that most were first informed of the decision.

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