A win for gov 2.0 as Twitter hires State Department staffer Katie Jacobs Stanton

So you never know what news will pop up during the hot, muggy D.C. summer (especially on a Friday).  Today brings a surprise announcement from the State Department’s Katie Jacobs Stanton that she’s leaving D.C. and returning to California to work for Twitter.

Interestingly enough, the former Google employee and White House staffer isn’t taking on the Government Liaison role Twitter recently advertised; according to her tweetstream she’ll be helping drive the international and business strategy for Twitter from their San Francisco offices.

Jacobs Stanton was previously President Obama’s appointee as the White House’s Director of Citizen Participation. Wikipedia notes her work at Google included Google Moderator, Google Finance, and the Open Social initiative.

I think this is fantastic news for Twitter and the fast-growing government 2.0 movement. Combined with boots on the ground in D.C., it appears Twitter will be gaining some great insights into the business of government and how they can possibly better tailor their service for government use.

Congratulations to both Katie and to Twitter!

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