A “Fresh” New Look for GovTwit

If you are following GovTwit over at Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, or here at the blog, you may have noticed a fresh new logo and look. While I’d like to take credit, the new touches are courtesy of Luke Fretwell, the founder of GovFresh.

Luke rolled out an elegant, free WordPress theme based on his site’s design last month, and it’s since been adopted by Manor Texas (read more about their use) and Gov 2.0 Radio as well. I had admired the GovFresh theme, but held off making any changes mainly because it would mean a move from GovTwit’s old WordPress.com platform to WordPress.org and I needed to get up to speed on how best to accomplish that.

Luke and I were chatting a week ago and I was complimenting the work he did on the Gov 2.0 Radio site and logos. He mentioned some logo ideas for GovTwit and before I knew it, updated designs popped in my email inbox. That was the motivation I needed, so I figured out how to migrate to WordPress.org (including creating a subdomain for GovTwit), applied his theme and then proceeded to bork it up 😉 Have I mentioned that I’m a communications guy and not a true techie? Luke again came to the rescue, tweaking the blog site and logo over the weekend to provide a great new look and feel for both. So much thanks to GovFresh for all the help.

Will still be making some minor tweaks, but even so I think it’s a huge improvement. What do you think of the new logo and blog? I’d love to hear your comments.

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