50+ government Twitter and social media directories

Last updated 7/29/11

Since launching nearly two years ago, the GovTwit social media directory has grown dramatically. It is not only one of the oldest such directories, but perhaps the largest hand-curated list of government Twitter accounts worldwide. It’s certainly not the only directory out there, however.

I’ve recently come across a number of new sites collecting government and/or elected officials’ social presence, and thought a listing of those directories might be useful for others.

If a site has a Twitter ID, it’s tagged at GovTwit.com under Directory; I’ve also created a Twitter List you can follow for the directories. If I’ve missed something, please let me know in comments, and I’ll get it added.

Government Social Media Directories

  1. GovTwit (Global)
  2. TweetCongress
  3. 2012Twit
  4. 2Gov
  5. Air Force Social Media
  6. Ambtenarentweets.nl (Netherlands)
  7. California Government & Politics on Twitter
  8. Chicago Politicians on Twitter
  9. Commonwealth of VA Stay Connected
  10. Congressional140
  11. Congresspedia
  12. Department of Homeland Security Social Media
  13. EuropaTweets (EU)
  14. Gov2Social (Microsoft killed their directory of crowdsourced local gov IDs in June 2011)
  15. Governors on Twitter
  16. Govlive
  17. GovLuv
  18. Govsites (Global)
  19. GovSM
  20. HearMeSayThis
  21. Irish Govt on Twitter (Ireland)
  22. Just Tweet It Gov
  23. Just Tweet It Politics
  24. KamerTweets (Netherlands)
  25. laDemocrazia.it (Italy)
  26. Legistalker
  27. Local Gov Twitter Lists (US, Canada, Australia)
  28. Local Governments Using Twitter
  29. Massachusetts Social Media Accounts
  30. Mississippi Tweets
  31. Montana Tweets
  32. National Archives Social Media
  33. Navy Social Media List
  34. NCSL Legislative Social Media Sites
  35. Ohio Social Media
  36. Oklahoma Media Center
  37. PeepGov
  38. Politicians Tweeting
  39. Politico Click Twitter Directory
  40. PoliticoTracker Elected Officials
  41. Politter (Japan)
  42. Politweeter (Sweden)
  43. PoliTwitter.ca (Canada)
  44. Politwitter.de (Germany)
  45. RedCross on Twitter
  46. Republican Lawmakers on Twitter BarackObama.com compiled this list as a resource for constituents to tweet for a debt ceiling deal
  47. The Hill’s Twitter Room
  48. Top 10 Government Twitter Accounts (Uservoice)
  49. TweetCommons (Canada)
  50. Tweet! CT
  51. Tweetfind
  52. Tweet Louisiana
  53. Tweetminster (UK)
  54. TweetMP (Australia)
  55. Tweet NCGA
  56. Tweet Wisconsin
  57. TweetyHall (UK)
  58. TwellowTwitica (Portugal)
  59. Twitr (Gov)
  60. Twitr (politics)
  61. Twitteringet (Denmark)
  62. Twixdagen (Sweden)
  63. UK Government on Twitter (UK)
  64. US Congressional Twitter Directory
  65. US Government on Twitter
  66. Victoria Online (Australia)
  67. Wefollow
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