10+ “hidden gems” not to miss at Gov 2.0 Expo

I’m sure I’m not the only one anxiously waiting for the start of O’Reilly & TechWeb’s Gov 2.0 Expo next week. With such an expansive list of interesting sessions over three days, I thought it would be interesting to get program co-chairs Laurel Ruma and Dr. Mark Drapeau to share what they thought were “10 hidden gems” they were looking forward to.

They actually came back with 10+ sessions that sound fantastic, so be sure to mark these down in your conference guide as “can’t miss.”

Laurel’s List:

1) [Sir] Tim Berners-Lee, Senator Kate Lundy, and Tim O’Reilly keynote talking about global Gov 2.0. With the MP expenses scandal and launch of data.gov.uk, the United Kingdom is one of the leaders in the open data movement. And Australia is a fascinating example of trying to build an open government from the inside out. However, the next evolution of the open data movement is global interoperability–we don’t want silos of data, but an interworking mesh of knowledge and information around the world.

2) “Doing a 24/7 Job in a 9-to-5 Culture: A Balancing Act for Government Workers on the Web” workshop. We talk a lot about tools, but technology is the easy part. People and process are so very important to any organization and especially Gov 2.0. In this session, representatives from three public transportation authorities (BART, CTA, and MBTA) lead a discussion about lessons learned, after-hours tweeting and blogging, and what it’s like to campaign for your in-house open data “startup.”

3) Announcement of the winners of Sunlight Foundation’s Design for America contest (http://sunlightlabs.com/contests/designforamerica/). This will happen on Tuesday May 25 at the Keynote Kickoff event. The easiest way to understand all this data is to turn it into an infographic. And this contest will showcase some of the best data visualizations using open government data.

4) “Power to the People: Using Technology for Government/Citizen Innovation” session features Dustin Haisler, the CIO of Manor, TX (http://cityofmanor.org/wordpress/). If you are a Gov 2.0 geek, you’ve heard of Manor, Texas and the amazing work Dustin is doing. However, this story is one that needs to be trumpeted across the country as one case study for Gov 2.0 in action.

5) Live Q&A keynote sessions with Sonal Shah from the White House and Price Floyd from the Department of Defense. Each of these speakers will give a brief talk and then open the floor to questions. This is going to be fantastic!

Mark’s List:

6) I think the “face off” between the Google Apps + City of LA followed immediately by the Microsoft SVP/General Counsel speaking about cloud followed then by a full length panel of Google + LA + CSC computing will be very significant content.

7) I think that the messages and sessions from Kathy Sierra and Gary Vaynerchuk to government about truly building community and passion will be controversial and useful and interesting.

8 ) I think the session on Procurement 2.0 combined with Mary Davie’s keynote is very pertinent.

9) I’m personally looking forward to this short talk on how the government can be more awesome (Instituting a culture of AWESOME in government).

10) Finally, Liz Hochberg from GSA will talk about lawyers and why they’re so critical to all this web stuff (First thing we do, let’s friend all the lawyers).

So there you have it, 10+ great sessions to look forward to when you are at the 2010 Gov 2.0 Expo

Contest Winners

I also wanted to congratulate the winners of GovTwit’s contest for two free passes to the Expo: @mereastew & @tamj! DMs have been sent to both.  Thanks to all that entered, and if you didn’t win, you can still save 15% by using GovTwit’s discount code gxp10mp2. See you at the Expo!

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  • http://twitter.com/ScottHorvath Scott Horvath

    I’m very interested in the “Doing a 24/7 Job in a 9-to-5 Culture: A Balancing Act for Government Workers on the Web”. Unfortunately I’m going to be at another conference next week so I’m not able to make this one. But I’m anxious to see the tweet stream during this one.

    Social media conversations do not only operate within business hours. Much of it happens after hours. And tackling the issue of government’s use of social media, but doing it after hours…yet addressing issues on pay, should you/shouldn’t you, etc…are things that I’m very curious to learn more about.

  • http://steveradick.com Steve Radick

    I’m most looking forward to the hallways of Gov 2.0. While the talks and events are nice, the thing about these events that most excites me are the conversations that take place away from the spotlight. That’s when you hear what’s really going on – the challenges people are facing, the political battles we’ve all had to fight, the vision for the future, etc. I like getting to know the actual people behind the slides.

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